Four Easy Grooming Tips For A Great Looking Beard

1. Keep The Skin Underneath Your Beard Healthy

A great beard needs a great foundation. That’s why it’s important to keep both your beard and the skin underneath your beard hydrated and fresh. Without a good foundation to grow from, your beard will likely suffer from dry spots, itching areas and flaky skin – not fun stuff! 

The easiest way to keep your skin and beard healthy is by using natural products that are specifically designed for beard care. Washing and caring for your beard is important but it is even more important to ensure you are using wash and conditioners that are designed specifically for your beard. 

Not all beard care products are created equal though and it’s important to look out for natural beard care products. A good starting point is to think to yourself, can I actually pronounce any of the ingredients? Chances are, if it’s a yes, you’re looking at some great stuff. For example, our Quality Beard Care Oil contains the following ingredients: 

Tea Tree Oil, Pure Apricot Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Orange Essential Oil.

Easy to pronounce right? Using natural beard care products is the key to unlocking your beards true potential. Beard oil improves your beards growth and promotes a healthier, fuller looking beard as well as helping to keep your beard feeling fresh and clean. Whilst Beard balm reduces irritation by moisturising the skin underneath the beard and assisting in making your beard appear thicker by covering any areas that might be lacking growth. You can pick up both in our Premium Beard Oil And Balm Combo Pack.

Elderly bearded man with long hair staring into the distance with the caption "the beard is strong with this one"

2. Eat Right, Sleep Right And Exercise Right 

Eating the right foods, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep and working out enough are the four cornerstones to being a healthy man. Doing all this will improve how you look, how you feel and just all round make your life a lot better. Not only this, but it will also improve how quickly (and how well) your beard grows. 

Eating the right balance of fruit, vegetables, meats, nuts, and wholegrain will provide you with more biotin, a natural ingredient that will improve your beard growth rate. Biotin will also help to keep your beard growth consistent across your entire face, meaning no more patchy beard growth.

Exercising enough will improve your testosterone levels which in turn will improve how quickly your beard will grow – nice! Working out 3-4 times a week for an hour has been proven to improve your health and wellbeing as well as your testosterone levels. This means that it will not only make you feel better, but it will help you to grow your greatest beard yet!

Bring all that together with a good nights sleep and enough water everyday (at least 3 litres) and you will be well on your way to bearded glory.

heavily tattooed bearded man at the gym surrounded by metal weights

3. Be Very Picky With The Products You Use

This one is so important that we’re bringing it up twice. Using beard care products is vital to growing a great beard but it’s even more important to be using the right beard care products. Quality is key and when it comes to beard care products and quality means natural ingredients. 

We started Banjos Beards because there weren’t any affordable beard care providers that actually used natural products. Our mission, to make men feel more confident with themselves, couldn’t be achieved if we didn’t use only the finest natural ingredients in our beard care products. 

So what does quality feel like?

A quality beard oil should be smooth to touch, not too dry, not to greasy and above all else, it should leave your beard feeling great. Choose wisely when buying beard care, and find a provider you know you can trust to take care of your man (or mans) mane.

Further to this, beards do have a tendency to grow in coarse and unruly. With regular maintenance, you can improve your beards appearance, but it can be a challenge to get it feeling soft and smooth.

This is because beards make it easy for your skin to dry out. And if you aren’t regularly trimming and maintaining your beard, it will likely have split ends too.

There are other beard softening options worth exploring, such as beard balm. Our premium beard balm is included for free in our 6pc beard care kit here. Brushing your beard with a boar hair brush and shampooing and conditioning can also help with keeping your beard softer to the touch.

Men with active dating lives or significant others will want to keep their love interests happy with a softer, cleaner, and neater beard.

Beard model wearing a white te shirt with long hair and a necklace

4. Get Into A Routine

Whilst this is the simplest tip on this list, it’s also the most important (and arguably the hardest). The final tip is to get into a healthy routine. There’s no point doing all this stuff for one week and then stopping after that. 

Whilst building any new routine is by no means easy, just think that a better-balanced routine will protect your beard and have you achieve your beard goals much sooner in the process as well.

Sometimes, the hard things are the things we really have to do. Growing a great beard takes effort and it’s important that you keep up regular beard maintenance to ensure your beard is looking and feeling great. 

Keep your facial hair healthy with the right beard care products, exercise as much as you can and eat right. Then lock in this routine and grow your greatest beard yet.

Keep on being a champion!